Jerry Johnson

President | Bio-Detection K9

Mr. Jerry Johnson is the President of our newly founded company, Bio-Detection K9. Jerry is a Veteran of the United States Air Force where he served as an Instructor at the DOD Dog Training Center. Jerry brings more than 33 years of operational experience in the security and canine industry serving both Government and Private Sector programs. After leaving the military, Jerry served several years as an Instructor of Criminal Justice at Central Texas University.

Upon leaving Central Texas University, Jerry took his academic and Military experience and entered the private sector. Jerry quickly rose through the ranks of some of the largest security and canine services providers in the world to serve in various operational, leadership, and executive roles, including President, CEO, and seven years of operational experience serving in the Middle East and North Africa.
Jerry is recognized internationally as a leader in the Security Services Industry for the provision of Canine Services, Canine Training,  and Canine Handler Training for domestic and international Law Enforcement, Government, and private entities worldwide.

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